National Grid grants city $250K

National Grid on Tuesday presented city officials with a $250,000 urban revitalization grant. Pictured left to right, National Grid’s Walter Dengos, Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow, National Grid’s Brian Anderson and Oswego City Director of Economic Development Nathan Emmons.

OSWEGO — National Grid on Tuesday presented Oswego officials with $250,000 in economic development funding for the city’s Urban Revitalization Program to help defray costs of the new Market Street Pocket Park & River Walk Enhancement Project

The grant defrays $1.2 million in costs on the public works infrastructure enhancement project that converted Market Street into Water Street Square and connected West First Street to a pedestrian streetscape along Water Street and the Riverwalk Trail, which officials said would turn the “once dead-end space into a new, dynamic park.”

“I appreciate National Grid’s commitment to help beautify our downtown area and further enhance the drastic improvements we’ve already made to Water Street and the new Water Street Square mini-park,” said Mayor Billy Barlow. “Water Street Square has already proven to be a great addition to downtown, providing a new and unique venue for entertainment and excitement. National Grid’s commitment to assist with burying power lines and replacing aging infrastructure will complement the area and adds to the significant amount of progress currently taking place in downtown Oswego.”

“Our partnership with the city of Oswego is helping bring these projects to life and drive the revitalization of the downtown business district,” said Alberto Bianchetti, National Grid’s Central New York Regional Director. “Through our Urban Revitalization Program, we will continue to work alongside community leaders to invest in projects that transform our communities and raise public awareness of all our region has to offer.”

Barlow noted that the project will improve existing public spaces and connect downtown to the riverfront while contributing to the area’s social, cultural and arts events. It will help draw more people to enjoy local businesses and the scenic views of the Oswego riverfront. Water Street Square will enliven the once dead-end space that detracted from the heart of the city into a vibrant area that will draw people to visit, shop and enjoy downtown.

The Market Street Pocket Park & River Walk Enhancement Project is part of a portfolio of projects awarded funding in 2016 through the City of Oswego’s $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

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