Minetto Bridge

The Minetto Bridge has reopened to allow travel along both lanes after months of being reduced to single-lane traffic because of repairs.

MINETTO — Repairs to the Minetto Bridge connecting the towns of Minetto and Volney is nearly finished and commuters can travel uninterrupted across the bridge in both directions following months of single-lane travel.

According to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), the Regional Bridge Deck and Joint Repair Project started in February has reached the final stages, and commuting has returned to standard levels.

The multi-county, more than $1 million Regional Bridge Deck and Joint Repair Project replaced deficient or damaged bridge joints to “minimize water leakage” and preserve the surface of various bridge decks throughout central New York.

The Minetto Bridge was one of many bridges included in this project. Motorists dealt with increased traffic and lane closures in recent months while the project was under construction.

In July, the project was extended a few weeks due to weather conditions, but recently the project reached the final stages, according to the NYSDOT.

“Repairs to the Minetto Bridge over the Oswego River in the town of Minetto are substantially complete and the bridge is open to traffic,” a NYSDOT representative told The Palladium-Times this week.

The representative said future potential traffic obstructions were possible to complete “minor finishing work.” Minetto Town Supervisor John Familo said he was pleased the NYSDOT chose to make the necessary repairs to the bridge and preserve one of the community’s vital traveling routes.

“Although the repair work caused somewhat of an inconvenience to motorists for the past several months, I often shared with our residents that the long-term preservation of our bridge was my focus throughout the project,” Familo said. “I think it’s safe to say the repairs could be categorized as less serious in comparison to what would have been required if the work had been postponed a year or more.”

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