MEXICO — The Oswego County Sheriff’s office arrested a Mexico man for numerous counts of forcible touching and sex abuse last week.

Authorities arrested 56-year-old Paul R. Allen and charged the Mexico man with two counts of forcible touching and two counts of first-degree sex abuse related to three separate offenses in the towns of New Haven and Scriba. 

Deputies said since early July, an investigation into Allen resulted in the charges, which are related to incidents involving victims ranging in age from 11 to 57. Authorities said he dates of reported abuse range from 2015 to the current year.

Allen was convicted in 2017 for groping multiple women at retail stores in the city of Oswego. Oswego Police Department officials said the 2017 charges were related to Allen forcibly touching four separate female victims at Walmart and Ollie’s in the city of Oswego over the span of two days in January 2018.

Allen pleaded guilty in Febuary 2017 to once count of forcible touching and served an intermittent weekend stint of 60 days in the Oswego County Correctional Facility and six years probation.

Earlier this year, Allen was charged with two counts of second- and third-degree sex abuse, four counts of endangering the welfare of a child and three counts of forcible touching.

The sheriff’s office said the charges earlier this year involved incidents with two separate minors.

Deputies are asking any other victims, or anyone with more information, to contact the Oswego County Sheriff’s Office at 315-349-3411.

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