Menter moves into new Oswego location

OSWEGO — Oswego County’s leading emergency service agency recently completed its transition to a new location in the Port City this month, providing the organization with a space officials say will boost the organization’s effectiveness.

The Menter Ambulance Oswego Station at 6 Ohio St. in the city of Oswego opened in October. Announced at the beginning of the year, the 5,600-square-foot space provides Menter crews with ample space for new accommodations, resources, equipment and more.

The recently completed project breathes new life into a location formerly occupied by the Burritt and Shapiro car dealerships. 

President and CEO of Menter Ambulance Services Zach Menter said the new location would meet the growing needs among staff and company officials.

“(The old building) could never be made into the space this one is,” Menter said Wednesday.

Menter, during an interview earlier this year, said crews who maintained the former Oswego station, located at 200 W. 4th St. in Oswego, “outgrew” the smaller space. One other issue Menter said the new facility tackles is the problems associated with transporting crews back and forth to the organization’s main location in Fulton. 

“The building allows for more coverage around shift change,” Menter said, noting during shift changes response times were sometimes interfered with due to changing personnel. “Crews, prior to this building, had to swap in and out at Fulton and now we can do just the crew exchange right in Oswego.” 

Compared to the old location, the new building has additional space for another ambulance, improved equipment storage, a more convenient location to respond to other communities, new garage doors, individual crew member rooms, insulated walls, new siding, a supervisor’s office, relaxation room, kitchen, bathroom and more, according to project officials. 

According to the Menter website, the emergency medical responders provide service in the cities of Fulton and Oswego, in addition to the towns of Granby, Volney, Schroeppel, Minetto, Scriba, Hastings, West Monroe, Oswego and Hannibal and the villages of Hannibal, Phoenix and Central Square.

Menter Crew Supervisor Sal Alejo, who leads the Oswego station, said the emergency personnel had a “boost in morale” when walking into the new space earlier this year.

“It’s more space for the crews and people seem to be happier,” he said. “It is kind of like when the Fulton building (opened) … It gives people purpose to put more pride in their work.” 

Currently, Menter maintains stations in the cities of Oswego and Fulton and the village of Central Square. In the past few years, renovations at Menter’s main Fulton-station effectively doubled the size of the facility to nearly 14,000 square-feet. 

Fulton-based Rowlee Construction performed the work at all three Menter locations, including the recently completed Oswego station. 

Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow expressed optimism about the opening of the new facility and complimented project leaders on the “transformed” vacant garage. 

“Great work by (Menter) & Rowlee Construction transforming the former garage to this beautiful building for the expansion,” Barlow said in a statement. “Thank you for your investment and great job.”

Menter said the organization’s former facility, located off Utica Street in Oswego, would be put up for sale and officials are seeking any interested buyers.

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