Mangano Cornelius to seek county legislature seat

Laurie Mangano Cornelius, above, has announced her candidacy for the district 17 County Legislature seat, which includes the city of Oswego and town of Scriba.

OSWEGO — Lifelong Republican and current Oswego City Code Enforcement Clerk Laurie Mangano Cornelius has announced she plans to run for the district 17 County Legislature seat come June 25, advocating for solutions to issues such as substance abuse and abandoned properties.

The announcement comes after current district 17 representative Shane Broadwell, R-Scriba, earlier this year declined to seek re-election.

The district represents the east side of the Port City along with portions of the town of Scriba and Cornelius says she wants to give back to that community.

“I want to be the voice of the people in my district,” Cornelius said. “There are several issues that come to mind that I’d like to be a voice on.”

One of those issues, Cornelius said, is a current opioid epidemic sweeping the county.

“This is a big thing for me, it is a big problem and I’d like to be a part of that solution,” she said. “I want to work with law enforcement and do whatever it takes. I don’t think anybody has the exact answer to this issue, but we need to find one.”

Further, she noted she wants to try “every possible avenue” to tackle the substance abuse issue, adding that mental health advocates and organizations such as Farnham Family Services are also a viable asset to the community.

Cornelius, who has served as the Oswego City Republican Committee Chair, said she also wants to extend to her district the “positive momentum” Port City Republicans such as Mayor Billy Barlow have brought to the city.

“With the positive things and positive momentum Mayor Barlow has brought to the city, I’d like to see that to the borders of the city and the town of Scriba,” Cornelius said. “I talked to a lot of the constituents and they have many concerns about the area and I hope to be there with them to help them find solutions.”

She also added she wants to continue building the relationship between Scriba and Oswego.

“The relationship between Oswego County, City of Oswego and Town of Scriba has been a positive one and I vow to continue working to maintain the good relationships," Cornelius said.

Her experience at the Code Enforcement office, Cornelius said, will be an asset when tackling issues such as abandoned properties.

“I would like to see these zombie homes dealt with and I will definitely be keeping my eye on abandoned properties and solutions and any ways I can advocate in that aspect,” she said.

Currently, areas within district 17 are being affected by high, record-setting Lake Ontario water levels and Cornelius said she wants to push to facilitate resource distribution to those experiencing flooding conditions.

“I want to push forth, with any resources we have available, to help anyone along the shoreline who might need the assistance,” Corenlius said. “ I want to advocate for those people.”

Also running for the 17th district’s county legislator seat on the Republican party line is Mike Anthony.

“Competition is always welcome,” Cornelius said.

The primary election in New York state will take place on June 25, while the general election will take place on Nov. 5.

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