OSWEGO — In the wake of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s announcement Tuesday of his intention to resign his office, Oswego County’s representatives weighed in on the situation:

Assembly Minority

Leader Will Barclay

“Stepping down was inevitable, overdue and the only path forward for Andrew Cuomo. The scandals surrounding the governor’s office have generated one of the darkest periods in state history, and it’s fortunate the governor finally came to the realization that his resignation is clearly in the best interest of New York. What’s next for Andrew Cuomo remains to be seen, with multiple investigations on a number of issues still active.

However, as Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul prepares to become the state’s first female governor, I hope that the transition of power is transparent, bipartisan and allows the state to get back to work, free of distractions, for its 20 million residents.”

State Sen. Patty Ritchie

“It is well past time to close this unfortunate chapter in New York’s history. I am relieved that today, the governor made the right decision to step down, which will allow us to regain focus on the tremendous challenges we face as a state.

I look forward to working with Lieutentant Gov. Kathy Hochul in her new role as governor, as she is someone I have known and worked with for many years, dating back to when we both served as county clerks. A fellow upstate New Yorker, I have always appreciated Lt. Gov. Hochul’s willingness to listen, visit my district and understand the issues we face.

I wish Lt. Gov. Hochul the best of luck in her new position and am hopeful we can work expeditiously to get New York back on track.” 

Oswego Mayor

Billy Barlow

“Gov. Cuomo did the right thing in resigning and hopefully now state government can get back on track and focus on the many issues challenging our state.”

U.S. Rep. John Katko

“I commend the women who bravely spoke out against Gov. Cuomo’s disturbing pattern of sexual harassment, abuse and retaliation. The governor’s resignation is long overdue. Still, it does not adequately hold him accountable for his actions. Gov. Cuomo abused his office and broke the law. I am glad that law enforcement in New York state continue to investigate the governor’s actions. Criminal prosecution must remain on the table.” 

Assemblyman Brian Manktelow 

“I’m glad to see Gov. Cuomo has finally listened to the people of New York and resigned. Though it is a sad day for New Yorkers when our governor has to resign, we will rise above this together. I hope, though, that he is still held fully accountable for his actions, as no one should be above the law.”

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