BATH — Family Life, a listener-supported Christian radio network based in Bath, is broadcasting its contemporary Christian music and programming in Oswego on WCIO-FM 96.7, formerly WWLF-FM, The WOLF.

As of April 4, WCIO began transmitting to approximately 140,000 new potential listeners in Oswego County, as well as parts of Jefferson County.

In addition to the Oswego station, Family Life purchased WCIS-FM 105.1 and 98.3 FM in the Syracuse market. WCIO and both Syracuse-area stations came as part of a recent deal after Family Life acquired WSEN-FM 92.1, the former golden oldies station out of Baldwinsville, from Leather-stocking Media Group.

"We are very excited to serve Oswego County," says Rick Snavely, president and network manager of Family Life. "Over the past several years, we've had numerous requests to bring Family Life to the central New York area. We are so grateful to see this happening because people are growing more and more desperate for hope in this world. We believe Jesus Christ is that hope, and spreading and celebrating the Gospel with these communities is a service we thankfully and joyfully provide." Snavely also noted that Family Life will seek to improve the coverage area of WCIO in the coming year.

Family Life provides listener-supported Christian radio to regions of New York and Pennsylvania, now reaching a potential listenership of nearly five million. The radio network airs a mix of programming including contemporary Christian music, Biblical teaching, daily news, and radio drama for children and families.

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