FULTON — Fairgrieve Elementary School Principal Jean Ciesla recently announced the recipients of the Second Quarter Academic Excellence Awards.

The following students achieved this honor:

Mrs. Long's class: George La-Claire, Nickelson Rojas-Vega, Michael Vandelinder and Elijah Wilson;

Kindergarten: Kathryn Calkins, Sophia Frataccia-Wavle, Jacob Goss, Madison Kellogg, Andie Kerr, Brodie Maliszewski, Ruthie Niver, Lauren Thornber, Adrianna Viscome-Rice, Jaleel Barnwell, Addison Johnson, Taryn Murphy, Hailey Niver, Rose Douglas, Charlotte Pero, Tristan Caruso, Carson Horning, Maxam Harrington, Kylar Rando, Mackenzie Schopp and Nathan Smith;

Grade 1: Kayla Pero, Brayden Wise, Ayden Spaulding, Landon Gibson, Alivia Ruscitto, Holden Ingersoll, Sophia Macomber, Graciela Vasquez and Grace Vogel;

Grade 2: Zoe Bechtel, Lucas Boyden, Casandra Guillaume, Myleigh Hayward, Benjamin Renfrew, Domenic Stevens, Damien Drought, Jada Barnwell, Ayden Cusic, Julia Frataccia-Wavle, Penelope Taylor, Treydon Arcadi, Jared Gardenier, Andrew Gibson, Kayla Jennings, Kiernan Percival, Emma Seymour-Wright and Tyler Goodman;

Grade 3: Janessa Colon, Liam Crandall, Niyah Humphrey, Adelaide McEachen, Gabriella Mitchell, Jace Wornick, Mya Carroll, Gianna Tucker, Kenadie Shatraw and Kaiden Jardin;

Grade 4: Olivia Bauer, Annabella Epolito, Tristan Kent, Dawson Krause, McKenna Lawson, Moira Percival, Rylee Spencer, Rosalind Taylor, Grace Hutton, Ciara Dillingham, Maddison Blake, Tyler Bryant, Alexa Halstead, Zoey Kerr, Dominick Reidell, Emily Barrett, Karsen Conn, Ahmariona Ferebee, Olivia Frataccia, Hailey Jenkins, Mariela Mejia-Merida, Brady Niver, Riley Niver, Carleigh Patterson and Douglas VanSanford;

Grade 5: Faithe-Ann Hall, William W. Patterson V, Ethan Weaver, Ryan Carroll, Kayla Mc-Craith, Sean Wright and Caitlin Todt;

Grade 6: Isabella Cary, Caleb Crandall, Olivia Cunningham, Charles Stoutenger, Aidehn Welling, Caleb Battelle, Alexandra Coakley, Eva Lynn Dickens, Rosiline Knoblock, Patrick McInnis, Giovanni Noel, Molly Williams, Jose Aguilar, Madison Clark, Annyka Halligan, Jessica Herlowski and Benjamin Maliszewski.

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