Harborquest 2020 Friday, July 24 clue

To all our Harborquesters,

While we appreciate your enthusiasm, concern from some community members has arisen about some practices used in searching for the Medallion. Please respect property both private and public. To clear up several specific issues:

The Medallion is not location in, near or on the grounds of a church

The Medallion is not located in a cemetery 

The Medallion is located in a spot that requires no digging, dismantling or climbing of any kind. The Medallion is on the ground, uncovered and directly visible from most angles.

Friday, July 24 Harborquest 2020 clue

The final day, so I'll be brief: I urge you to check every leaf

And trunk and branch and root and stem

A forest you will find me in

The water's near, but not a beach

And stop if Sammy you have reached

An east side verdant thicket fair

I'm waiting - will you find me there?

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