Hannibal Town Hall (copy)

Hannibal Town Hall

HANNIBAL — The Hannibal Town Board at Wednesday’s meeting adopted the town’s 2022 budget, outlining the town’s nearly $2.4 million projected expenditures throughout the upcoming fiscal year.

The total $2,387,849 spending and revenue plan includes $1,508,617 allotted to town-related expenses and $879,232 for special districts — four separate water districts, a single lighting district, and the fire protection contract.

According to town documents, revenues are projected to be $1,094,900, leaving $1,186,838 to be raised via property taxes to account for all expenditures outlined in the 2022 budget. This includes $106,111 to be used from the town’s fund balance, or savings from previous years, to help make up the difference.

It is important to note that not all town residents are required to pay every fee associated with each special district, but only the ones impacting their respective properties. For example, someone living in water district four is not required to pay fees associated with the village water district.

Town Supervisor Floyd Calkins earlier this year said the 2022 budget carries a property tax rate of roughly $3.99 per $1,000 of assessed property value, down from $4.12 per $1,000 in the current year, a roughly 3 percent property tax decrease. In line with the approved rate, taxpayers with property assessed at $100,000 would pay $399 in town property taxes.

The proposed rate represents the second-lowest tax rate Hannibal residents have faced since 2011, trailing only the $3.94 per $1,000 of assessed value property tax rate from fiscal year 2020.

“I truly believe that this budget provides the adequate resources for the town government to operate efficiently while providing the residents of the town of Hannibal with the services they deserve,” Calkins said earlier this year.

However, Hannibal Town Board member Heather Ladd earlier this year expressed concerns about what she said were unnecessary expenditures, which she claims would generate financial struggles for the town in the coming years.

She pointed to the increased funding for the Hannibal Town Court as an example. According to town documents, the current year’s financial plan outlined $41,651, while the now-adopted 2022 budget will allocate $45,017.

“How many cases does the Hannibal court see to justify pay increases and the expenses of that department?” Ladd said during a previous interview.

When comparing the town’s projected fund balance use during the current year and next, the current year’s budget called for $49,050 of savings to be used, while the amount budgeted to be used in 2022 is $106,111, according to town documents.

The majority of the town’s planned $1,508,617 spending — not accounting for special districts — in the coming year is expected to come in the highway fund, accounting for $1,072,905, leaving a little more than $435,000 planned for general fund expenses.

This represents a 6.6 percent increase in funding for general expenses and a 13.5 percent increase in highway-related spending when compared to the current year’s spending plan.

Hannibal Fire Company members earlier this year clashed with town leaders over the town’s initially proposed three-year contract, saying the town’s previously proposed contract would not meet the growing financial needs for the company in the wake of price increases following COVID-19’s impacts on the economy.

In response, town officials swiftly assembled and held a special meeting late last month to address the issue. Then, the town and fire company leaders agreed to a three-year contract containing a 2 percent contract increase annually through 2024.

A copy of the town’s adopted budget will be available on the town’s website in the near future. For more information visit www.hannibalny.org.

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