FULTON — About as far back as he can remember, Orlo Green III wanted to be a police officer.

The 50 year-old started with the Fulton Police Department in April of 1994 and climbed the ranks as a sergeant, deputy chief and eventually chief.

After almost 26 years on the job — 12 as chief — Green is retiring. His last day is Friday.

“It’s something I was always interested in from the time I was a little kid… My mom had one of those school books with the class picture and in third grade I said I wanted to be a police officer,” said Green, who has served as chief since February 2008.

A lot has changed during Green’s time with the department, with one of the biggest being upgrades in technology.

Everything from reports and fingerprints are now completed on computers as opposed to typewriters and ink, and every police car is outfitted with a computer. Technology has also made training scenarios more realistic, and the equipment officers carry has evolved to include tasers and pepper spray.

“The changes in law enforcement and society as a whole have been dramatic during my career,” said Green, a Palermo native. “I am extremely proud to have served our city with the many outstanding police officers that have served and currently serve the city of Fulton. Their professionalism and pride in their service to our community has helped to meet the challenges these changes have brought head on, making the city of Fulton a safe place where we can be proud to raise families.”

It’s been a busy week for Green. On top of wrapping up his regular duties, he has helped with the transition of incoming chief Craig Westbrook, who was unanimously chosen by the city Fire and Police Commission and hired after the city eased the residency requirement for the position last week.

“Chief Orlo Green … has proven himself to be an extraordinary Chief of Police and a valued confidante over the years,” Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward said. “I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Orlo and came to know him as an asset to my team. Our new police chief, Craig Westbrook, has been preparing for this position under his leadership and will carry on to oversee the police department in the upcoming years ahead.

“I am proud of the good reputation our police department holds for its residents. I wish Chief Green all the best as he seeks other opportunities. He will be a beneficial addition to any organization he is brought into.”

Green said the next couple months would primarily be spent with his family. After that, he’ll see what opportunities arise.

“I’ve got two sons that are both in college and one plays basketball,” Green said. “He’s a senior and I want to go watch him play. After that, there’s nothing off the table. I’m keeping all my options open at this point.”

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