Fulton Marina

The Fulton Common Council this week approved a comprehensive plan that would guide development in the city for the next decade. Objectives in the plan include improved quality of life and safety for residents, as well as enhancements to the city’s waterfront, such as the marina pictured above, and recreational opportunities.

FULTON — After more than a year revising its Comprehensive Plan, the Fulton Common Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to approve and put into effect the plan’s measures designed to improve the city.

The nearly 60-page document outlines a sequence of goals and determinate measures intended to improve the city’s neighborhoods, infrastructure, waterfront, downtown storefronts and building aesthetics over the next 10 years.

Also included are strategies to improve the city’s green spaces and streetscapes.

Before City Clerk/Chamberlain Daniel O’Brien could facilitate the close of the public hearing, which had been open since Sept. 1, former three-term Democratic Oswego County Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. of Fulton asked to be heard.

“My biggest point on the Comprehensive Plan is that our city is now under 11,000 people,” Castiglia said. “The population is mainly condensed. We have a large contingency in the 1st Ward, and a large contingency in the 4th Ward. The other four wards according to the Comprehensive Plan are not equal to those. With that being said, and the size of our city, we should be looking to reduce the number of common councilors we have.”

Castiglia added he felt it would be in the best interest of the council to “take that torch and move it forward for the people. The people of this county are looking for less government if it’s not needed.”

The motion and vote to close the public hearing followed Castiglia’s comments.

Fulton Mayor Deana Michaels said previously the Comprehensive Plan is about charting our future.

“It’s what we have to work by and what we have to live by,” Michaels said. “The plan details specific steps to improve and develop Fulton. Once it’s approved, that’s how we start our development and our growth. We have to refer to it at every level of development.”

Despite Michaels commenting earlier this month the plan has been significantly condensed compared to previous versions, “so big you couldn’t wrap your head around them,” the plan offers more than a dozen long-term objectives, in addition to strategies and recommendations of so-called action items to accomplish these goals.

The plan also motions for more kayaking and boating access, redeveloping the city’s Canal Landing area, continued development of the city walking trails, creating beautification programs, the growing of home ownership and improved safety in the neighborhoods.

Council President Audrey Avery, R 5th-Ward, told The Palladium-Times previously she felt the Comprehensive Plan is an important part of Fulton’s efforts to move forward and improve neighborhoods and residents’ quality of life.

She said the Comprehensive Plan would help to put future developments — from businesses to rental units — in suitable locations inside the city and in more cohesive neighborhoods.

Michaels said city planning and zoning boards would be able to utilize the Comprehensive Plan when making decisions, as would the common council and other city officials. Those decisions could include code enforcement and public safety for budgeting or exploring economic, community and housing development within the city.

The full city of Fulton Comprehensive Plan can be found at:


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