FULTON — The Fulton City School District’s $15 million capital improvement project is “on target,” according to school officials, who are anxious to “get some shovels in the ground.”

Superintendent Brian Pulvino said the first phase of the project, approved with 77 percent of a May 2019 public vote, is running consistent to its anticipated timeline and the plans are expected to be submitted to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) in the immediate coming days.

“We’re progressing and we’re on target, which was the end of January and here we are,” Pulvino told The Palladium-Times. “We’re going to be submitting (to NYSED), and I’m pleased with our contractors and our architects, and our school teams have done a great job. Now, I hope the state approval doesn’t take too long. There’s a lot of projects across the state that are being submitted (from other districts).”

The approval from NYSED could take a couple of months, Fulton school officials said. After the review on Phase I, the bidding process for construction work can begin with Phase II beginning with the schematic design phase in February.

“Early next week we’ll be on the clock and the sooner we get [the submitted plans] back and approved, the sooner we can reach out to contractors and hopefully get some shovels in the ground and work done this summer,” Pulvino said.

The board also voted 6-0-0 Tuesday to retain LeChase Construction Services LLC as its construction manager for the project. LeChase will provide “construction coordination, management, and related professional services” for the project.

The 2019 Capital Improvement Project comes in two phases, officials said, with the first phase including the Junior High School, Lanigan Elementary and Volney Elementary. The second phase includes G. Ray Bodley High School, Granby Elementary, Fairgrieve Elementary and the Education Center.

Construction at G. Ray Bodley is expected to total nearly $4.2 million, which includes upgrades to the turf field, enhanced security at the main office, ventilation improvements and renovating toilet rooms according to district documents.

More than $2.9 million in upgrades are expected at the Junior High, which include pavement reconstruction, enhanced security at the office and sidewalk replacement.

The Education Center is set to add a main entrance lift and have the roof replaced, according to the plans, while some roof replacements, gym improvements, pavement reconstruction and toilet room renovations will take place at the elementary schools.

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