HANNIBAL — A familiar face is the new appointee to the Hannibal Town Board.

At its meeting Wednesday, the board unanimously approved former town supervisor Virginia Wilbur to take the position on the council vacated by Floyd Calkins.

Calkins unseated Wilbur as supervisor in a 434-396 vote last November.

Wilbur spent the last two years as the town supervisor after serving 22 years on the town board before that.

“I have the experience and I want to give back to my community again,” Wilbur said. “I feel like I’m a good one for the board.”

Wilbur’s term lasts until the end of the calendar year. A special election will be held in November for a one-year term, which rounds out what Calkins’ term on the board would have been.

Calkins said there were four applicants for the position. While he voted in favor of Wilbur’s appointment, he said he was hoping the board would opt to bring someone new in instead.

“I was hoping for someone new with some new ideas to the board, but that’s what the board chose. … This board is going to work together, so if they’re going to pick her with what we had to choose from, I’m on board with that,” Calkins said.

Calkins and Wilbur faced off in the Republican Party primary last June. Calkins took 168 of the 289 votes cast, or 58 percent, to win the nod.

Wilbur opted to stay in the race and the two faced off again in the general election in November. Calkins wound up with 434 votes, or a little more than 53 percent.

At the meeting, the town board also accepted the resignation of Ellen deMey from the Board of Assessment Review.

The town board voted to advertise the position. The three-person board only meets when necessary. Letters of intent may be submitted to the Hannibal town clerk.

“It needs to be someone honest and someone with understanding of real estate and what that job entails,” Calkins said. “We need someone that can work with the residents that come in who are concerned with what their houses are worth.”

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