Former Pall-Times star Perryman named to E&P’s 25 Under 35

Former Palladium-Times reporter and current chief content officer/editor for APG Media of Chesapeake B. Rae Perryman is seen above at the offices of the Cecil Whig. The Maryland newspaper is one of more than a dozen publications Perryman oversees.

ELKTON, Md. — A former member of The Palladium-Times newsroom has been named to a national list of outstanding young journalists.

B. Rae Perryman currently serves as chief content officer for APG Media of Chesapeake, overseeing more than a dozen publications including multiple daily newspapers and consumer focus magazines. This week, she was named to Editor & Publisher Magazine’s “25 Under 35” list.

“They’re pushing the industry forward with diverse ideas, creative innovation and intelligent vision,” the article said of its honorees. “Our future is better because of it.”

A native of central Texas and graduate of Baylor University, Perryman won statewide journalism awards and widespread acclaim during her 2018 tenure with The Palladium-Time as her incisive, compassionate coverage tackled some of Oswego County’s toughest issues including drug addiction and child abuse.

In the “25 Under 35” article, Perryman was posed a series of questions regarding her philosophy and approach to journalism.

Below is an excerpt:

Editor & Publisher Magazine: Without a background in journalism, what made you choose this field?

B. Rae Perryman: It’s simple: I am a writer, and writers write. I am motivated by an urgent work ethic and a compulsive need to do what I can to uphold the civil liberties so swiftly being degraded in our world. I have worked in policy and advocacy on a national level and have significant business and management experience—all of these experiences make me a better journalist, editor and content director.

As a writer, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the world in an intelligent and meaningful way. Independently, I’ve been able to dabble in multimedia—I made an award-winning short documentary and have been recognized for my photography, too. I actively work to continue learning, growing, and expanding my skills in and out of the field in any way I can. The field sort of chose me, I just stay hungry and busy.”

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