GRANBY — The Granby Town Board member who recently resigned clarified the reasons why in an email to The Palladium-Times Saturday.

The board announced the resignation of Brett Counterman at its meeting Wednesday, and said it is accepting letters of intent to replace him.

Three affirmative votes would be needed from the four current members to accept a new councilor.

Given the quick turnaround between his re-election in November and his resignation, Counterman wanted to explain.

Counterman said he felt his experience could be of value to the town when he applied for a vacancy on the board a couple of years ago, and planned to put down roots in Granby.

“At the time, my wife and I had every belief that the home we were in would be our forever home so to speak, and investing some time in the activities of town government seemed prudent. I served on the board for the remainder of the vacancy I had filled and when the time came again to run I made a decision based on that same set of beliefs,” Counterman said. “Unfortunately, subsequent to being placed on the ballot, my family and I had some significant changes that we faced related to the death of a family member and made a decision to sell our home in the town of Granby. This decision made me ineligible to hold the office as I would no longer be a resident, but was also made too late to have my name removed from the ballot based on my understanding.”

Counterman said he thought it would take some time to sell his home, but made Town Supervisor John Snow Jr. aware of the situation before his formal resignation.

“I would like to offer my apologies to the people of the town as it would have been more beneficial for them had they been able to choose another candidate but my intentions for re-election were made with the best intentions,” Counterman said. “I encourage anyone with the inclination to be involved in the running of your town to take inventory of their skills and consider submitting for the vacancy I have left, as I am a firm believer that you can make as great a difference in the everyday of your neighbors through participation in local government as a politician at the national level.”

Counterman wanted to clarify his resignation had nothing to do with councilor Cheryl Holmes staying on the board. Holmes and her husband, Leslie, are accused of a series of election-related crimes for allegedly submitting improper political petitions, including some that contained forged signatures of deceased individuals, back in 2018.

Now that his time on the board is over, Counterman added that he wanted to thank his former colleagues.

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Are the Hughses out on bail for their felonies?

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