Fitzhugh Park

The Oswego City School District is closing the Fitzhugh Park Elementary School building for at least two days after a staff member and student tested positive for COVID-19. 

Fitzhugh Park building to be closed Thursday and Friday

OSWEGO — Fitzhugh Park Elementary School will be closed Thursday and Friday after cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in at least one student and staff member. 

The Oswego City School District (OCSD) said Wednesday the Oswego County Health Department notified the district that two individuals, a staff member and a student at Fitzhugh Park Elementary School, have tested positive for the coronavirus. Fitzhugh will be closed Thursday and Friday while county health officials complete contact tracing and the district conducts a deep cleaning of the school.

“Parents and guardians should know that while the school is closed, all students will be receiving their daily instruction remotely on both days,” OCSD Superintendent Dr. Mathis Calvin III said in a statement. “All morning instruction for the school (both virtual and in-person – hybrid) will be on a two-hour delay for (Thursday) only.”

Calvin said if there is a need to extend the closure, OCSD would notify parents as soon as possible. Teachers and staff plan to begin instruction online with students at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Calvin said. All students who normally would meet with teachers and staff later in the afternoon, between 2 and 3 p.m., will continue to do so as normal.

“The district will continue to be vigilant with ensuring our safety precautions,” Calvin said.

OCDS officials continue to request parents and guardians be vigilant and ensure safety precautions are followed, including maintaining social distancing whenever possible, wearing a mask when in the presence of other individuals, following proper hand washing procedures and staying home when exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

Anyone with questions or concerns about COVID-19 exposure can contact the Oswego County Health Department COVID-19 Hotline at (315) 349-3330.

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