Students culminate school year with outdoor adventure day

Working together as a team on a canoeing adventure are Oswego County BOCES Supervisor of Exceptional Education Programs Chuck Pehta and student Tyler Seales. The pair are at Camp Hollis, where the school organized an outdoor adventure day for Stepping Stones and work-study students.

OSWEGO TOWN — The warm sun shining, the rhythmic sound of waves lazily lapping the shoreline and the joyful laughter of students enjoying the great outdoors … welcome to Oswego County BOCES' (OCB) Camp Hollis Fun Day for Stepping Stones classes and work-study students.

The great outdoors field trip adventure celebrated the students' hard work over the past school year, but wasn't all fun and games. BOCES adaptive physical education teacher Kelly Schulz coordinates a full day of outdoor activities to get students thinking about all of the great things they can do to stay active all summer long.

A guided nature hike took students through Camp Hollis' bevy of lakeshore trails. Students learned to identify such things as poison ivy, fern plants and various types of trees and even located animals in their own habitat -stumbling upon a turtle and her babies soaking up the sun in a small pond.

Included also as part of the hike was a geocaching treasure-hunting adventure to locate a small box filled with a rewarding sweet treat.

No day at Camp Hollis would be complete without some sort of water adventure. For the OCB students, this came in the form of a canoe outing or a slippery ride down a slip and slide.

Also as part of the day was an opportunity to create nature-inspired craft projects and enjoy homemade snacks and treats by a campfire.

Chuck Pehta, OCB supervisor of Exceptional Education Programs, joined the students for their day-long adventure, which he said truly culminates what the students have been learning about in their physical education classes: "staying active, having fun, enjoying the outdoors and most importantly remembering to practice these activities safely."

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