Outstanding achievement, effort recognized during JCB ceremony

John C. Birdlebough High School Assistant Principal Patrick Fitch presents a JCB award to senior Kaitlyn Clapp for her outstanding effort and talent in art. More than 400 students were recognized for their classroom achievements during a recent assembly.

PHOENIX — Phoenix high school students have been trailblazers in the classroom and their efforts were celebrated during a June 13 ceremony in the auditorium.

The assembly honored 42 students with Blaze Awards, which recognized ninth through 12th graders for dedication, effort, work ethic, commitment, service, discipline and communication.

"These awards are given that name because you are the Fire-birds. It's connected to the mission statement of (John C. Birdlebough High School)," said JCB Principal Greg Molloy. "A blaze is something that spreads and carries, and your actions have done that." In addition to the Blaze Awards, more than 400 JCB students were recognized by their teachers for excellence, improvement and other positive attributes exhibited in the classroom. For the 85 seniors who took home JCB Awards, the assembly was another indication that high school is drawing to a close.

"You won't realize how great of an experience (high school) is until about two years after you have graduated," Molloy said as he praised the seniors for their efforts. "I couldn't have asked for a better example of senior leadership this school year. Your leadership has helped guide the way for the students behind you."

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