OSWEGO — Oswego County and leaders in Fulton and the town of Volney recently agreed to establish an intermunicipal sewer district that will see expanded service along county Route 176 and part of Howard Road, including Oswego County Airport and multiple industrial park properties.

The agreement stems from a capital project established in 2009 to advance sewer service from Fulton into Volney, an effort that was designed but never funded, according to county records.

The cost of the cooperative expansion, approximately $2.5 million, can be reduced by grants, with the Oswego County Legislature unanimously approving grant applications to establish the intermunicipal district Thursday.  

Officials say the agreement — currently between the county, the Industrial Development Agency, Fulton and Volney — would help overcome insufficient wastewater services in the area while improving chances for future growth in infrastructure and economic development.

At Fulton’s Common Council meeting Thursday, Mayor Ron Woodward Sr. called the coordination between all entities “a step in the right direction.”

“What’s good for the town is good for us, and what’s good for the county is good for us,” he said, noting Volney’s delivery of wastewater to Fulton would increase city revenue. “It’s a win-win for the city.”

Volney Supervisor Dennis Lockwood said the agreement would be “a good thing” for the town, providing much-needed sewer service to the businesses in the area, including National Grid, Canfield Machine & Tool and other businesses.  

Lockwood said the agreement wouldn’t cost Volney taxpayers any money and added that the agreement could help foster future development in the town, noting “a lot of (developers) won’t even touch a property if it doesn’t have water and sewer.”

The potentially serviced area includes county Route 176 from Fulton city line north to Howard Road, and the portion of Howard Road between Route 176 and Silk Road.

Homeowners along the expanded service area will have the option to hook up to the sewer lines, but Lockwood noted those homeowners would incur additional costs. 

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