OSWEGO — The 2019 Harbor Fest Children’s Musical “The Wizard of Oz” will include several scenes deleted from the original movie version of the show. These include a dance routine with the scarecrow and crows, the poppy field scene with dancing poppies and snowflakes, the haunted forest with actual ghosts and the jitterbug scene.

The new version of the show being used by Oswego Children’s Theater includes all of these segments as well as all the usual favorites associated with the production.

This is the second year that the Harborfest Children’s Musical is being produced by Oswego Children’s Theater, a group specializing in productions with large casts of younger actors.

This years show features a huge cast of area youth with Emma Deloff in the role of Dorothy, Sean Metcalf as the Tin Woodman, Layne Osbourne as the Cowardly Lion, Gianna Ellingwood as the Scarecrow, and Arianna Lee Jones as Toto.

Featured players include Sheila Wallis as Glinda, Hannah Kandt as the Wicked Witch, Sydney Osborn as The Wizard of Oz, Alexa Bell as Gloria and Caralyn Benedetto as Gracia.

Supporting characters include Ramonda Huff as Auntie Em, Sage Osborn as Uncle Henry, Emily Stacks as Hickory, Hannah Booker as Zeke, Trevor Griffiths as Hunk, Aislinn Osborn as Miss Gulch, Louisa Huff as the Snow Queen, Josie Metcalf as the Oz Guard, Dickie Germain as the Oz Army General, Owen Tice as the Oz Army Private, Nina King and as Niko, leader of the flying monkeys.

In addition, there is a plethora of other roles including Munchkins, Ozians, crows, talking trees, poppies, flying monkeys, snowflakes, jitterbugs, and winkies, with Nolan Verberg, Lee-Anne Hosein, Ella Woolworth, Cameron D-Angelo, Amelia Wentworth, Ellie Laird, Max Clarke, Claire Buckalew, Alexa Brooker, Liliana Coleman, Giana D’Angelo, Nora Kelly, Althea Sawyer, Kali Sivers, Lydia Williams, Leo Jones, Oliver Lukowski, Ethan Mosher, Peyton Engel, Kara Hsu, Sam Emmons, Damien Germain, Lucas Kelly, Greg Thomas, Jacey Brannock, Elliot Jones, Jana Lorenz, Ember McCarthy, Dale Osborn, Amelia Sawyer, Elsie Verberg, Austynn Milone-Grinnell, Nya Buckalew, Lana Hsu, Hailey Barbeau, Lylah Lukoski, Emma Pryor, Alexa Brooker, Liliana Coleman, Leah Kelly, Adrianna Geroux, Keira Pennington, Kayla Brooker, Olivia Emmons, Eva Kandt, Azalea McCarthy, Kristen McClure, Rowinn Pennington, Kendall Raponi and Lena Williams.

As with last year’s production, award winning directors Lyndsie and Kenneth Jones will take charge of the stage and music leadership roles, aided by producers Wayne and Kelly Mosher along with a group of dedicated parents.       

Harborfest is one of the few admission-free festivals of its type in the country. It was founded with the mission of creating a nationally recognized entertainment venue that attracts and engages a broad and diverse audience, celebrates and builds the local community, and advances economic development in Oswego. It would not be possible to continue the event without the massive continued support received from the city of Oswego, businesses, organizations, government entities, and individuals and family members.

To learn more about the Harborfest, or to contribute to the support of this region-wide event, contact the Harborfest offices at 41 Lake St., Oswego, NY 13126 or by visiting the Harborfest web site at www.oswegoharborfest.com.

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