OSWEGO — Woodchuck Saloon will host a chicken barbecue to benefit the United Way of Greater Oswego County on Oct. 31, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., or until dinners are sold out. Presale orders available until Oct. 27 and deliveries of five or more are available in Oswego.

While many recognize the pub located at 1 Mitchell St., Oswego, as a relaxed spot to enjoy tasty burgers and cold brews, the family owned and operated establishment also has a strong focus on philanthropy.

Becky Walpole, one of Woodchuck’s owners, said the bar has been around for more than 15 years and has hosted countless barbecues to benefit different groups and individuals throughout Oswego.

“We do chicken barbecues all the time,” said Walpole. “We host them as fundraisers for nonprofits like the United Way, and we even do them for race cars and dance studios.”

The United Way of Greater Oswego County is thankful for Woodchuck’s support, said Stacey Morse, resource development director. She said the United Way looks forward to connecting with community members at the event and increasing awareness about the 31 programs it helps to fund across the county.

“This type of collaboration fits right in with this year’s theme of United We All Win,” said Morse. “We would not be able to spread awareness of our mission without help from community partners like Woodchuck’s.”

“This event is a chance for people to enjoy Woodchuck’s famous chicken barbecue menu while learning more about the United Way’s target areas of ending hunger, helping children and youth succeed, and ensuring community wellness,” added Morse.

Walpole said the United Way barbecue dinners will include chicken, salt potatoes, a roll and Woodchuck-style baked beans, a side that is unique to the bar.

“They’re not just store bought baked beans,” Walpole said. “It’s a blend of more than one bean and we use our own barbecue sauce, our own smoked meat, and we add some jalapeños for a little kick.”

Pre-sale tickets for the United Way Chicken Barbecue are available at Woodchuck Saloon and from United Way staff. For more information, please contact Stacey Morse at the United Way office at 315-593-1900 ext. 202.


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