Buccaneer students back to classes full time

OSWEGO — Local officials say they’re coordinating plans and working together to help ensure a healthy and safe 2021-22 school year for all students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A recent campaign launched by the Oswego City School District (OCSD) brought local dignitaries, health officials and education leaders together to stress the importance of synergy for their organizations and highlights the different services available and resources in place.

The campaign, which has released a video and poster to share information with the community, includes OCSD Superintendent Dr. Mathis Calvin III, Oswego Mayor William Barlow, Oswego County Administrator Phil Church and the CEO of Oswego Health Michael Harlovic.

“It’s clear that this school year will bring challenges and successes,” said Calvin. “Due to the pandemic and the new delta variant, we know that it is important that our district stay vigilant with respect to ensuring the health and safety of our entire learning community.”

The superintendent added one of the keys to accomplishing those goals is this partnership with the local organizations to ensure the community has every resource and service it may need moving forward.

Barlow noted a variety of city services, including the local Youth Bureau and free libraries to help support families. Church also spoke highly of the Youth Bureau and its value to families in need, along with the Oswego County Health Department’s various services including health education, preventative services and everything it provides during the pandemic.

Harlovic said “our health system is here to help families throughout this pandemic,” and added their staff is happy to answer any questions about best practices during the pandemic or regarding immunizations.

Calvin thanked all three for their time in helping with the campaign, adding he hopes it will help families learn of services they may not have known about and prepare everyone for a safe and successful school year.

“Our goal with this and any communication is to help raise awareness and make sure the families are getting the information they need,” said Calvin. “We encourage everyone to stay tuned to our website and social media channels for any updates and more information throughout the year.”

The entire video and poster campaign can be viewed on the OCSD website, Oswego.org.

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