With half the year over for students at G. Ray Bodley High School, reinforcing the idea about each student's strengths and weaknesses is very important.

GRB for 20 minutes every other Monday has student ambassadors teach their peers about character traits that are shown in everybody. These character traits are taught through a program called Positivity Project.

The Positivity Project is a program created by Jeff Bryan and is used in schools all over upstate New York. This program teaches students about what character strengths are most visible in themselves and others as well as points out their weaknesses. These traits allow students to better understand themselves and those around them. Lessons about these traits are taught through student ambassadors or student leaders within GRB. 

Alexis Ingersoll, a student ambassador from GRB said, “The Positivity Project is a great initiative that GRB is taking and it helps kids to improve themselves and improve the way they treat others.”

On every other Monday, students participate in lessons and activities like writing down their opinions on sticky notes that will be displayed on walls around the high school. Alexis, along with many other ambassadors, believe that the Positivity Project is something that makes GRB more enjoyable and allows students to learn beneficial concepts that will be helpful for their future.   

Ms. Caitlin Toleno, one of GRB’s counselors and Positivity Project advisers, said that the Positivity Project is, "beneficial for several reasons. One is that students get to learn more about themselves by taking a quiz at the beginning of the year, like a personality quiz, and get to determine what their top character strength is and what their bottom character strength is, and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the worst trait they have. It is something they just need to work on.”

These quizzes allow students to analyze and evaluate themselves to become better for their well-being and peers around them. This also assists in the process of students trying to create relationships with one another, most of all positive and healthy relationships with all different types of people. Ms. Toleno also went on to explain the benefits of this on adults also as it allows them to learn more about themselves than they may have already known and is a reminder of the importance of healthy relationships with people around them.

On Monday, Feb. 3, student ambassadors were reminded about the leadership skills needed to increase the amount of student involvement, and lessons were adjusted to make students want to become more likely to pay attention and listen. These changes are almost guaranteed to impact high school students who live in Fulton so they will better understand themselves along with those around them.

By educating students, they will more likely follow the thoughts discussed and want to become more positive.

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