Manufacturing Day demonstration

Students from Fulton’s G. Ray Bodley High school are pictured at the recent Manufacturing Day looking at a 3-D printer demonstration.

On Friday, Oct. 4, three WGRB News crew members traveled out to CiTi BOCES in Mexico for Manufacturing Day. They captured many photos and conducted interviews with managers of companies, the leader of P-TECH, as well as Congressman John Katko.

​Personally, for me being one of the three members of our school news that attended, it was a great experience to be able to conduct interviews with no planning. We did not know who we would be interviewing, what their position would be, or any in-depth questions to ask ahead of time. It was also amazing to be able to see all of the students that were genuinely interested in learning more about businesses and careers.

​Being able to interview many important managers and other leaders of companies was extremely beneficial. It was almost as if our group was able to tour around the gym and talk to them one on one rather than just photograph other kids’ interactions with the presenters. Being able to find out which companies you could enter just after graduation, with having zero college experience or college education was extremely informative.

​I enjoyed giving the interviews because it was wonderful to be able to interact with important businessmen and women who were extremely passionate about their jobs. It was amazing to see them in their natural state and not in a business mode. To be able to talk to “top dogs” and learn about what they do, how long they have done it and why they enjoy it was extremely fun.

​It was amazing to see how many of those adults truly valued days like this and expressed how they wanted kids to capitalize on these opportunities and take the most advantage of them, to learn more about careers, and what they enjoy.

One of our favorite interviews came from Congressman Katko. It was an amazing opportunity for us all to be able to meet him, as well as converse with him about what he does in his career. My favorite part was being able to talk to him about his homeland security position and learn how passionate he is about protecting us.

Many kids from all different schools met hard-working men and women that took up various careers. They were able to receive information as well as advice from multiple people. This information is essential information for all young adults, which is why it was great our news team go to be a part of it and stream the information to those that could not be there.

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