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Oswego County Republicans gathered at the Lake Ontario Event and Conference Center for a 2019 election night party. Pictured are Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow, left, and Oswego Common Council member Ronald Tesoriero — who represents the Sixth Ward — right.

OSWEGO — Port City Mayor Billy Barlow will serve his next term as the city’s executive alongside a familiar cast of city council members.

Five returning members of the council — two who ran unopposed, including its president — plus a political newcomer and a veteran councilmember coming back from a two-year break, will sit on the city’s Common Council at the start of 2020, according to unofficial election results posted Tuesday night.

Barlow, who ran unopposed, reflected on the continuity of the council, calling it a testament to voter satisfaction with the results of his four years at city hall.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done and the progress we’ve made, but there’s still more to do and I’m ready to do it,” Barlow told The Palladium-Times in an interview Tuesday. “The council results prove voters are pleased with the direction we are taking this community, agree with our agenda and have ensured progress and continued momentum by sending partners I can work with back to city hall and definitely rejecting the manufactured negative and stickle attitude of our opponents.”

Councilor John Gosek Jr., R-5th Ward, and Council President Rob Corradino, R-7th Ward, cruised in uncontested races, garnering 306 and 502 votes respectively. Next month will mark the completion of the west side Republicans’ second two-year terms.

Republicans Kevin Hill, who represents the Third Ward, and Ronald Tesoriero, who represents the Sixth Ward, successfully defended their seats, fending off Democrats Jonathan Ashline and Matthew Fleming respectively.

Tesoriero overcame Fleming via a vote of 219 to 147.

Hill, who garnered 171 of the vote against Ashline’s 103 votes, thanked Third Ward voters for “placing their trust in me.”

“The outcome of this election is clear and resounding evidence that we have moved beyond the partisan politics my opponent and his supporters were trying to peddle,” Hill said. “As a community, we are committed to working together to continue moving our city forward.”

Councilwoman Susan McBrearty, who was elected in 2017 to represent First Ward residents and is the sole Democrat sitting on the council, retained her seat on the city’s legislative body by defeating Republican Andrew Hall via a vote of 255 to 101.

“I’m excited to represent the First Ward for another term,” the downtown Democrat told The Palladium-Times on election night. “I am looking forward to working with my council to keep moving Oswego forward.”

McBrearty noted she wants to “keep being responsive to my constituents.”

“One thing I heard is that there are people (in the First Ward) who don’t know who their councilor is and I need to work harder so they know I am going to work for them. I am going to work on figuring out how to get that information out to everybody.”

Oswego Democrats hoped to surround McBrearty with more Democratic colleagues going into her second term, fielding candidates Maureen Wills in the Second Ward, Ashline in the Third Ward, Diane Zeller in the Fourth Ward and Fleming in the Sixth Ward, and City Democratic Committee Chair Tom Drumm lauded their efforts.

“I’m really proud of this slate of candidates and how they ran the races, I know they went out and engaged with voters,” Drumm said, noting city Democrats can build off of this experience. “I think we’re at the point where we’re definitely disappointed that we didn’t pick up any seat but we’ll take it, we’ll review it and see where we can improve on.”

On the east side of the city, retired law enforcement officer Shawn Burridge won his race to keep the Second Ward under Republican control. Burridge defeated the Democrat Wills after incumbent Linda DeMassi, R-2nd Ward, announced earlier this year she would not be seeking re-election.

“I am glad the Second Ward elected me to do the job. I am very happy.” an excited Burridge told The Palladium-Times, noting he is ready to go to work after being sworn in early 2020. “There are a couple of things I want to take a look at. I want to look into a small park, with maybe a small boat launch for non-motorized boats down near the lake in the Second Ward.”

One of Burridge’s main platforms on the campaign trail consisted in attempting to bring beautification resources to the east side of the city.

“I also want to bring some grants to this side of the city and try to get things going,” Burridge said.

Burridge, who has repeatedly highlighted the city’s current “positive momentum,” also cited Mayor Billy Barlow as a collaborator he would really want to work with and a potential mentor.

“I think the mayor is going to take me by the hand and walk me through it,” he said.

In the Fourth Ward, Republican Shawn Walker, a 10-year veteran of the common council who is returning after a two-year hiatus mandated by city term limits, said Tuesday night he was happy to be elected back into office and believes city leaders can continue to build on the Port City’s forward momentum.

“That’s all I want,” Walker said of continuing to move the city forward, adding code enforcement would be important moving forward as well as police patrols in the neighborhoods. “To take care of some of these areas and make a nice life for everyone that lives here.”

City of Oswego 2019 Election Results

City of Oswego office Candidate # of Votes % of Vote
Winner William J. Barlow Jr. (R, C, I) 2,232 100%
First Ward Councilor
Winner Susan McBrearty (D, WOR, OTH) 255 71.63%
Andrew J. Hall (R) 101 28.37%
Second Ward Councilor
Maureen A. Wills (D, WOR, OTH) 147 35.59%
Shawn Burridge (R, C, I) 265 64.16%
Third Ward Councilor
Jonathan Ashline (D, WOR) 103 37.59%
Winner Kevin Hill (R, C, I) 171 62.41%
Fourth Ward Councilor
Diane Zeller (D, WOR) 207 39.73%
Winner Shawn P. Walker (R, C, I) 312 59.88%
Fifth Ward Councilor
Winner John B. Gosek Jr. (R) 306 97.14%
Sixth Ward Councilor
Matthew Fleming (D, WOR) 147 40.16%
Winner Ronald Tesoriero (R, C, I) 219 59.84%
Seventh Ward Councilor
Winner Robert Corradino (R, C, I) 502 98.05%

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