Barlow outlines $750,000 paving project proposal

The map above details the progress and plans for Mayor Billy Barlow's city paving proposal.

OSWEGO — More than a dozen streets throughout the city would be repaved later this year if Oswego Mayor Billy Barlow’s 2021 proposed repavement plan is approved.

On Friday, Barlow unveiled his plan that, if approved, will allocate $750,000 to repaving 13 streets throughout the city.

Since 2016, Barlow has proposed regular roadwork projects, and nearly $4 million to date has been distributed for road repairs.

“Our paving plan this year will replace some of the roughest areas in town, like the area around the new Harborview Square development,” Barlow said Friday.

Barlow said the surrounding Harborview Square streets —West First, West Second, Lake, and West Schuyler — are being improved for many reasons.

“It makes sense to continue public investment in the area,” Barlow said. “The area around the development has had recent roadwork, been subject to lots of recent construction and is a heavy traffic area.”

Other west side streets included in the proposal are: Liberty (from the start until it meets Erie Street), West Seventh (from State Route 104 to West Cayuga Street), and West Sixth (from West Utica Street to West Niagara Street).

However, this year, Barlow said that he wants to allocate more to the east side because “much of the entire west side has been replaced.” Of the 13 streets in the 2021 proposal, eight are on the east side.

“In the coming years, we’ll cover lots of ground on the east side and leave our streets in better condition,” Barlow said. “Attention needs to focus east and address areas particularly in the Second Ward.”

Sections included in the proposal for the east side include: East First (from State Route 104 to the Port of Oswego Authority), East Sixth (from East Schuyler Street to East Utica Street), East Ninth (from Church Street to Lawrence Street), East 11th (from East Cayuga Street to East Seneca Street), East 12th (from East Mohawk Street to Albany Street), and all of Mercer Street and Elm Street.

He said that many critical factors go into deciding what streets are replaced every year. Factors include wards’ requests for specific streets, construction projects throughout the city, how much the road is used, and how much is in the budget for the improvements.

This year, Barlow said the city will use the entirety of the $660,000 available to it through the state Department of Transportation (DOT) Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) and PaveNY funds. However, Barlow is hopeful more funding will come in the future to help offset the remaining 2021 proposal cost.

“We’re hoping for another $85,000 in Emergency Winter Funds to just about match our allotment with our proposed paving budget,” Barlow said.

If approved, Barlow said the city would contract with Fulton based Riccelli-Northern for replacement. He anticipates the paving would start in the middle of May and take about a month to complete, depending on the weather.

The proposal is set to go before the Administrative Services Committee during its meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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