OSWEGO — Mayor Billy Barlow is urging Port City businesses negatively affected by last week’s power outage to seek remediation, and the city is willing to help.

High winds and storm conditions the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 7, knocked out power to large sections of Oswego County, including the city’s downtown district. Barlow said he was walking from his office to dinner at a nearby restaurant when the area went dark.

“As luck would have it, I had just left my final meeting of the day and went to meet family,” Barlow said. “I imagine other restaurants had to as well, in the midst of dinner hour.”

Power provider National Grid is required to establish this process to assist with property damage, bodily injury or business loss, Barlow said, and he recommends taking advantage of this process.

Because of what he called a “frustrating and time consuming” protocol,  Barlow said his Economic Development Office is available to assist with claims.  

“Our economic development staff, led by Nathan Emmons, is familiar with the claim process and can help you include relevant information and compile proper documentation for submission,” Barlow said.

To get the process started, visit nationalgridus.com/Our-Company/Claim-Form to file a claim electronically.  To print and mail or email a claim form, visit nationalgridus.com/Our-Company/Customer-Claims.

The city of Oswego cannot guarantee claims will be honored by National Grid, Barlow said, noting that the “approval and reimbursement process rests solely with National Grid.”

The city Economic Development Office, located at 44 E. Bridge St., Oswego, and director Nathan Emmons  can be reached at nemmons@oswegony.org.

More than 120,000 people were left without power Thursday morning in upstate New York and dozens of schools were closed after the fast-moving line of violent thunderstorms tore through the region.

The storms on Wednesday afternoon inflicted the heaviest damage in the Albany area, where a wind gust of 67 m.p.h. (108 k.m.h.) was recorded at the airport.

In suburban Clifton Park north of Albany, 24-year-old William J. Oates died after a tree came down and collided with the vehicle he was driving.

He was pronounced dead at a local hospital, according to state police.

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