Aqua Spa’s float tanks arrive

Superior Float Tank production supervisor Wayne Hedge, left, and shipping supervisor Christopher Lohrenz bring in a piece of one of the float tanks at the Aqua Spa Float Center & Wellness Boutique in Oswego Tuesday.

OSWEGO — The holiday season may be over, but it feels like it’s just starting for Terry LeRoi and Tammy Wilkinson.

It’s been a big week for the owners of the soon-to-be opened Aqua Spa Float Center & Wellness Boutique in Oswego. The duo held a job fair to hire a new team on Sunday, had their signature float tanks delivered Monday and the tanks were installed by Superior Float Tanks Tuesday.

“Yesterday we were like two kids on Christmas,” Wilkinson said with a big smile. “We’re like ‘The float tanks are coming! The float tanks are coming!’ … It’s the same thing today. ‘The technicians are coming! The technicians are coming!’”

The arrival and installation of the four float tanks is a sign the spa is closer to opening. Wilkinson and LeRoi are planning for a soft opening in May to make sure everything works correctly before a grand opening over the summer.

With each step in the process, what LeRoi and Wilkinson have envisioned gets closer to fruition.

“Having the float tanks come in yesterday was epic because it’s like ‘Yeah, we’re doing this!’” Wilkinson said. “It’s real. We’re in here and we’re building, and we’re out on social media and we’re engaging and educating people. It seemed like sort of a dream for a little while.”

The project has been years in the making for LeRoi and Wilkinson.

It started with drawings and some demolition inside the former Oswego City School District Building on West First Street. From there, framing was done and the walls have been put up.

The float tanks arriving is a “huge step” forward.

“The rooms are framed for the float tanks, but we can’t go any further until the tanks actually get positioned in the rooms,” LeRoi said. “The walls get built around the tanks so it’s actually a part of the room, into the wall.”

Wilkinson and LeRoi said the process of handpicking people for roughly a dozen positions and filling jobs was already underway. The jobs included front of the house and back of the house, from client relations to people specializing in specific modalities such as the spa’s float therapy, salt therapy, cryotherapy, infrared sauna and oxygen bar.

“It was a job fair specifically to get to know some wellness-minded people who had an interest in applying for the assortment of jobs we had,” LeRoi said.

LeRoi and Wilkinson were excited for the arrival of the tanks, and they’re enthusiastic about what it means for their future clients.

“This is a huge gift for us, but it’s also a huge gift for the community,” Wilkinson said. “At the job fair, that’s what the sentiment was. … I was humbled again, because we want these modalities and to have them at our fingertips, but … when you think about teenagers with their anxiety or older folks who need to get some rest and alleviate pain and inflammation on their bodies. Everyone had a different (demographic) they envision this helping.”

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