Drs. Forde and Davis using Optos Machine

Harbor Eye Associates’ Optos machine, pictured above being used by Drs. James Forde and Laura Davis, allows clients to skip getting their eyes dilated at appointments, allowing for an easier appointment. 

OSWEGO — For Drs. Lori Youngman and David Dexter, advanced equipment they have acquired at Harbor Eye Associates has enhanced their vision of providing optimal patient care.

Harbor Eye Associates’ Optos device ranks highly among the office’s state-of-the-art technology and, according to Dexter, helps the practice provide the community with the “utmost care.”

​“We never hold back on anything in our office,” Dexter told The Palladium-Times during a recent interview. “If we don’t have the technology to provide the best patient care, then we are not doing the job.”

​The roughly $110,000 equipment allows clients the chance to skip getting their eyes dilated during their appointments, all while obtaining the same information. Eyes are dilated to increase the size of the pupil, allowing for a thorough review of the retina’s structure tissues, according to Dexter.

After approaching the instrument, an eye care associate guides you as to where to look, and a camera capable of producing a nearly identical image of your eye takes a picture.

At the press of a button, you see a green flash for a split-second and a high-definition image of your eye results, allowing doctors to a slew of information critical to the eye’s condition.

​“When we look in someone’s eye, we want to see the retinal structures as if we are looking at them with our own microscopes, and with this new technology, we can see just what we need,” Dexter said.

​Youngman and Dexter said although this technology has been around for roughly two decades, they hesitated to invest in it because its “image quality was not adequate to meet our needs,” they said. That was the case until Nikon acquired Optos in early 2015. 

​“(The technology) was never perfected until Nikon purchased the rights to develop it,” Dexter said.

​In addition to providing an easier and faster service, the machine provides easier documentation for future reference allowing optometrists a record of patients’ vision history over a long duration. 

​“A picture is worth a thousand words,” Dr. Laura Davis of Harbor Eye said. “The best part of imaging is showing the patient their eyes. When we do dilation, we see it and describe it and sometimes that goes in one ear and out the other. If you pull up a picture, you can see what’s happening in your eye.”

​Dr. James Forde of Harbor Eye said the Optos was a “game changer” and staggeringly improves the practice’s services, while noting how this machine is relatively uncommon among similar offices.

“The only other office that I have worked for that had an Optos camera was a very high-level ophthalmology practice,” he said. “We are really bringing that high tech state-of-the-art equipment to our patients.”


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