A note from the publisher to our readers

As businesses start to re-open throughout Oswego County, The Palladium-Times joins their excitement in beginning the phase-in of print publication days.  We anticipate a slow crawl from the grips of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are eager and happy to join our local business community on the road to recovery. 

On July 31, we will bring back our Friday publication and on September 30, we hope to bring back our Wednesday publication.

From there, we anticipate for the remainder of 2020 we will publish five days a week in print, Tuesday through Saturday. If we can successfully add these editions — and with your support, we believe we will — then 2021 will hold its own potential.


The support of our readers and your understanding has been tremendous through this unsettling time. It speaks volumes not only to the newspaper’s role as an “essential business,” but to our long-term vitality as your source for local Oswego County news.  Your support is also critically important for other small businesses in our community — we urge you to support the people who support us. The Palladium-Times is partnering with Pathfinder Bank and our local entrepreneurs to jumpstart our local economy. 

The Stay Safe, Stay Local, Shop Local campaign begins in July and will run through September. Follow this space for details on the campaign and enter to win a $1,000 shopping spree at our outstanding, precious local businesses.

The name encapsulates the steps we all need to get back to full strength: STAY SAFE and continue to abide by and practice good public health and safety guidelines.  We have done a tremendous job containing the spread and we must continue to do so to fully recover.  STAY LOCAL because for weeks we haven’t wandered very far from the safety of our homes. As more and more buinesses re-open, we’ll naturally venture out farther — but our community sticks together.Most importantly, SHOP LOCAL. Get out and enjoy the things that make you feel normal again. Get a haircut, buy a book, get some carry-out or sit outdoors at a local restaurant, pre-order and pick up from the local farmers’ markets, renew your newspaper subscription.  Do all these things and more, but do it locally and support local, small businesses.  We are your friends, neighbors, and we love our community every bit as much as you do, so let’s all continue to support one another because the climb back to better times has just begun.

Back on March 16, our Page A-1 headline emphatically stated: “We’ll get through this together.”  The months since seem like a lifetime but today, I am more confident than ever that we will, indeed, get through this together.  Brighter times are ahead for Oswego County and its people, as we work hard and remember to stay safe, stay local, and shop local.  Thank you, again, for your readership and support.

Jon D. Spaulding


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