Oswego Town proposed budget calls for slight tax decrease (copy)

Oswego Town Hall

Board expected to vote Nov. 9

OSWEGO TOWN —The Oswego Town Board made a series of revisions to the 2022 town budget last week that, if approved without further alterations, would result in a slight reduction in property tax rates.

The $2.4 million spending plan includes roughly $1.14 million in general fund spending and $1.28 million in highway spending, offset by $1.25 million in revenues. Town Supervisor Richard Kaulfuss said the tax rate of $4.79 per $1,000 of assessed value would represent the fi rst tax decrease in the town since 2016.

The 2022 budget calls for Oswego Town taxpayers to contribute roughly $1.16 million in property taxes to support the town’s operations.

The Oswego Town Board is set to vote on the spending and revenue proposal Nov. 9 at Oswego Town Hall.

Earlier versions of the town budget included a $4.82 per $1,000 tax rate, but revisions made at an Oct. 26 budget workshop shaved several cents off the rate.

The $4.79 per $1,000 property tax rate is a nearly 1 percent decrease from the current budget year, which asked town property owners to pay roughly $4.83 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Under the current 2022 budget proposal, the owner of a property valued at $100,000 would pay roughly $479 in property taxes, a roughly $4 savings from the $483 paid in the current tax year.

Property owners in special sewer or lighting districts within the town would see additional charges on their 2022 town tax bills.

Kaulfuss said a major factor in the tax decrease is the board’s improvement in identifying and predicting revenue.

“A conscious decision to underestimate revenue streams and overestimate expenditures has helped us to determine our appropriations,” Kaulfuss said. “By looking at our five-year history and trend, we’re better able to have an accurate prediction of what our expenditures are and an accurate prediction of what our revenues are.”

Kaulfuss said certain measures taken this year, including the refinancing of the town hall, re-evaluating medical benefit costs for town employees, and the retirement of town employees not replaced, are also responsible for the decrease in the tax levy.

A full copy of the town’s 2022 budget proposal can be viewed on the Oswego Town website at www.townofoswego.com

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